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Violet & Ceilia are just a few weeks old. And they’re the sweetest string beans I’ve met in quite some time! First up is Violet – she is calm, reserved, and very content to snuggle.



Meet Ceilia! She loves to stretch out and take up as much room as she possibly can. I suspect she was the one doing kicks while she was inside her mama. Not that mama minded.



These two are pros when it comes to sleeping. And snuggling.


Even though it’s fall, it was still warm enough outside for some portraits of the whole family.


It’s extra special when the grandparents can lend a helping hand. Can you believe these are grandbabies 6 & 7 for them?


Little babies means little hands and little feet. Teeny tiny!



Their mama is a printmaker and the running joke with her friends is that these girls are her edition of 2! It’s awfully sweet I think. We were able to take a family portrait in her studio that her husband built. These girls have some amazing (and amazingly talented) parents to look up to as they grow!


I think the girls like to cozy up with mom and dad best of all.



This is my favorite. With a name like Violet I figured mom might just like the color purple. Maybe a little. I was thrilled when I saw this beautiful quilt she made, with another one in the works.


It was absolutely lovely getting to spend time with this wonderful family! Plus, I got to snuggle these wee lasses and walked away with double the baby smell. And that would put a smile on anyone’s face.

Miss Penny is a year old! Remember this sweet little baby from a year ago? My, how the time has flown! She’s clutching her Figment plush in the photos. He’s the world’s greatest purple dragon and resides in Epcot at Walt Disney World. He’s also one of my favorite Disney characters. But don’t tell the mouse!


Look at this happy face! And those little teeth!



Happy birthday, Penny! Congrats on Year One as parents, Mom and Dad!

Remember Carolyn & Skyler from their maternity photos? Well lookie what they made! I was lucky enough to visit all 3 of them in the hospital when he was a mere 36 hours old. And Finn’s Zanna let me snap a few photos of the two of them.

I visited everyone at home when wee little Finn was just 10 days old. His room has more owls in one place than I’ve ever seen! Happy! By the by, I think Baby Finn and His Owls would be a great band name. Maybe he’ll get to use dad’s fancy Gibson when he’s older! 🙂

I adore that we were able to incorporate that special item into his portraits. Speaking of special items, Grandma made both of his owl sleepers (with hats) AND that beautiful blue blanket. That poor blanket has already been taken everywhere and washed more times than I can count!

Welcome to the world, Finn! And thanks for letting me snuggle you!


Brrr, it’s getting a little chilly outside! A little while back, I met up with Josh & Kati & their wonderful daughter Penny! Can you believe how much PJ has grown since her newborn session? Goodness!

This time we opted for some family portraits and just PJ shots. By the by, that green tutu? It’s the same one that was too big for her a few months back. 😉

I adore this portrait of them in the woods! I think I need more woods in my life!

See you in a few months for your 6 month session, Penny! 😀

You may remember this pair from early in 2012! I shot their wedding and a few weeks later when I delivered the photos, Carolyn let me know that she was pregnant! WOOHOO!

Baby boy Finn is actually going to be making his entrance into the world tomorrow…so I thought it was the perfect time for this post. 🙂

It’s very possible that Skyler is a guy who loves his comics. 😀

If you’re curious, he’s reading Bone. 😀