I don’t know how you spent your Saturday, but I highly doubt it was as fantastic as mine. It could be because I got to snuggle sweet little Penelope Jane (or Penny for short) for a few hours. I have baby snuggling listed under perks when it comes to newborn photography.

Her proud parents are Josh + Kati and I bet you remember them from their maternity session a few weeks back! Her mommy and I giggled over her because she’d been asleep the whole day until 2 minutes before I got there. And then there was the squirming. I swear she’s already trying to crawl when she’s awake! Slow down there, Penny! Give you parents time to plug the outlets! 😉

Such a lovely new family!

Be on the look out for more photos of Miss Penny in 3 months! And I have a baby plan in the works. If you’d like more info on it, let me know! 😀