About Ansley

10246271_10104560251426433_6746260575633175324_nHello, I’m Ansley.

I love weddings, and cry at most of them.

Really I just like getting invited to parties and making loads of new friends. And dancing. Ok, and cake.

I don’t own any pets but I’ll love yours. I have a soft spot for goats.

I have yet to successfully grow an herb garden. But I keep trying. Apparently, I can’t take a hint.

I truly love living in the deep South and sipping on sweet tea. Even when the mosquitoes can only be fought with a tennis racket. They’re that big. I use Burt’s Bees Herbal Insect Repellent to tell the bugs to buzz off. And shine-control blotting sheets for our sometimes too warm sun.



I finished my dissertation one page at a time. It’s complete, you can read it here, and you can call me Dr. Ansley if you want (but it’s cool if you don’t). I can talk with you about art + museums + management, just don’t ask me to fix any bones.

You can meet me anytime you like for sushi. Or bubble tea. Or really great coffee. Delish.

I believe David Bowie is the best singer/songwriter in the history of the world. I own red shoes and will dance the blues in a heartbeat.

I’ll admire your tattoo and ask about all the details behind it. But you won’t see one on me. I’m terribly afraid of needles.

I love Wall-e & Eve but I’d rather fly off with millions of balloons like in Up.

Photo booths are absolutely one of my favorite things.

It’s very nice to meet you.