How did you get started with weddings?
I had been interested in weddings for a while and been studying/practicing with other wedding professionals. I was finishing my Masters in Photography from Florida State University at the time when a bride contacted the art department looking for a photographer. Turns out she was marrying an old middle/high school buddy of mine! I had a blast at their wedding and adored spending time with them on their special day. But the real magic happened when I delivered their images and saw the looks of joy of their faces as they viewed the images. I was hooked.

Are engagement shoots mandatory?
No, but a complimentary engagement session is included with every wedding package. I feel it’s important for each couple to have a practice run in front of the camera, so that when I show up at the wedding they’re comfortable and less focused on having their picture taken. And more focused on getting married and partying like rockstars afterward.

Can we give you a list of shots we want?
Absolutely! Of course I’ll take all the standard shots, but if you have a specific detail or a particular group of people you want shot, just let me know. It’s a good idea to designate someone to help coordinate any group shots (since I probably won’t know everyone in the groups). And don’t worry if you forget something on the list, just come up and tell me and I’ll shoot it.

What is a “first look,” and should we do it?
A first look is when a couple sees each other after fancying themselves up but before the ceremony. Whether or not you do this is entirely up to you, but it has a few advantages. It allows for the formal photos to be taken before the guests arrive, leaving more time for you to enjoy the cocktail hour/reception. I also find that it calms couples’ nerves to see each other before the ceremony, though it never takes away from the moment they first see each other in the ceremony.

How far in advance do we need to book you?
The sooner, the better, but if you ask me to shoot the week out and I’m available, I’ll do it. A lot of people start booking 12-18 months out from their wedding, so it’s best to start booking as soon as you have a date set.

Can we customize a package to suit our needs and budget?
Of course! Just let me know what kind of coverage you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen.

If we have karaoke at our wedding, will you sing?
Only if you really want me to. I’m not terrible, but I’m not fantastic either.