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Violet & Ceilia are just a few weeks old. And they’re the sweetest string beans I’ve met in quite some time! First up is Violet – she is calm, reserved, and very content to snuggle.



Meet Ceilia! She loves to stretch out and take up as much room as she possibly can. I suspect she was the one doing kicks while she was inside her mama. Not that mama minded.



These two are pros when it comes to sleeping. And snuggling.


Even though it’s fall, it was still warm enough outside for some portraits of the whole family.


It’s extra special when the grandparents can lend a helping hand. Can you believe these are grandbabies 6 & 7 for them?


Little babies means little hands and little feet. Teeny tiny!



Their mama is a printmaker and the running joke with her friends is that these girls are her edition of 2! It’s awfully sweet I think. We were able to take a family portrait in her studio that her husband built. These girls have some amazing (and amazingly talented) parents to look up to as they grow!


I think the girls like to cozy up with mom and dad best of all.



This is my favorite. With a name like Violet I figured mom might just like the color purple. Maybe a little. I was thrilled when I saw this beautiful quilt she made, with another one in the works.


It was absolutely lovely getting to spend time with this wonderful family! Plus, I got to snuggle these wee lasses and walked away with double the baby smell. And that would put a smile on anyone’s face.

Boy howdy, folks, have I been busy lately! Between the end of the semester, defending my prospectus, and then traveling up North? Phew, I’m exhausted!

Before I left for Rhode Island, a conference at Yale, and then a quick visit to NYC, I photographed TJ & Ashley’s beautiful wedding.

tj and ashley

And right when I got back, there was Jessica & Jeff’s stunning and sweet beach wedding.

jeff & jessica

Keep your eyes peeled for both of those weddings coming up over the next month.

Lately I’ve been doing some headshots. On the left we have Deb who wanted an updated headshot for her international job search. On the right we have Alea who needed a headshot for her SGA presidency at Bainbridge State College.


Next up is Nikki. Once upon this past fall, she was one of my photography students (and her son just finished my photo class this spring too). Things changed drastically this spring when her husband passed unexpectedly. It was especially difficult as she also worked to finish the semester. There were days and weeks when she had her doubts (though I never did), but she succeeded and graduated from Florida State University this May! I am tremendously proud of my friend’s accomplishments and her resilience! In one of these photos you’ll see  her holding a framed image of her and her husband – it was important to her to have him by her side for this event since he had supported her through her education and over half her life.



Last up for today we have Jana! She just turned 22 and had a Kate Spade themed birthday dinner (lucky gal!). We couldn’t resist taking a fun portrait and headshot of the lass to celebrate the event!

jana birthday


So forgive me for being tremendously busy, my dear friends. I hope these photos make up for it a little. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to hop back to the dissertation process and work on putting together my summer art appreciation courses. 😀


I am so excited to show you my favorite photos from Matt & Lucy’s charming downtown Thomasville wedding! And take note, brides, Lucy gave me the most extensive vendor list I have ever seen! I love all the personal touches they had throughout the day. And the bridesmaid dresses? I’m tempted to get one for a night out on the town (ya’ll know how I adore sparkles). I’m going to quit gushing and move on to the photos!


One of my favorite things of the day was that the lovebirds each wrote a letter to the other. It provided a time for them to sit and relax on their own but also to be with each other while preparing for the ceremony. Just look at those smiles!



Months back, Lucy and I met up for her bridal portraits at stunning Pebble Hill Plantation in Thomasville.



Grassroots has a special place in the heart of Thomasville weddings. Lucy’s sweet brother made a run down there for most of the wedding party (and me too!). Thanks, Luke!


Lucy was surrounded by a fantastic group of gals! And check out the beautiful purses she had monogrammed for each lady! And she did a special reveal for them too!




















It’s absolutely lovely when couples display their parents and grandparents wedding photos as part of their own display. So very sweet.


All first dances should have smiles like this!




Matt & Lucy had a photo booth so friends and family could take home fun photos from their reception. Great idea and an absolute blast!







I love how much fun they had with the bouquet toss and garter toss. Watch out for those single guys though! So determined!



They finished up with night surrounded by love and sparklers.



Thanks for letting us document your wedding day from beginning to end, Lucy & Matt (and for making it a slew of fun!)!

May every day you spend together in your new life hold a wonderful surprise for you. Congratulations on your wedding and marriage!

Vendor List
Photography: Ansley Simmons with 2nd Shooter Vince Smith, Ansley Studio LLC, Cairo, GA
Ceremony: First United Methodist Church, Thomasville, GA
Pastor: Aaron Jeffrey, Dallas, TX
Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal Collection, David’s Bridal
Bride’s Hair Stylist: Debbie Hill, Designing Women, Tallahassee, FL
Groom’s Wear: Tuxedo – Calvin Klein, Men’s Warehouse Bow Tie / Cummerbund – “Allison” Modern Tartan, Scottish Country Shop, Portland, OR
Bridesmaids Dresses: Eliza J Belted Satin Dress, Dot, Nordstrom
Florist: Jimmy Singletary, Singletary’s, Thomasville, GA
Wedding Coordinator: Brenda Lee, Thomasville, GA
Bridesmaids Shirts: Shirt – Traditional Tartan No Iron Buttondown, Land’s End / Monogramming – Steel Green, DDP, Thomasville, GA
Bridesmaids Monogrammed Clutch: Clutch – Creme, katieUjanes, Etsy Monogramming – Gold, katieUjanes, Etsy
Reception: Glen Arven Country Club, Thomasville, GA
Caterer: Stephane Ughetto, Glen Arven Country Club, Thomasville, GA
Cake: Lemon Almond Pound Cake, Buttercream Icing, Katie’s Cakes & Catering, Havana, FL
Band: Pure Platinum Band, Tallahassee, FL
Videographer: Video Treasures, Thomasville, GA
Photo booth: Stellar Photo Booth Rentals, Valdosta, GA

Megan lives all the way over in Perry, Florida and is actually the girlfriend of one of my photo/design students at North Florida Community College in Madison. Did I mention I drive a lot? We met over in Tallahassee on Gaines Street for her senior portraits. We finished up in Railroad Square Art Park before the humidity had us running for the car’s A/C. Phew! 🙂

Can you tell Megan is a musician? Her sweetie had to carry around the instruments so I think he was happy she didn’t bring the accordion. 😉 Where is you favorite place  in Tally for portraits?

Shamara and I are old friends by now. I can’t even count how many times we’ve chatted on the phone to get ready for this shoot!

She might be a bit shy, but this gal is a blast to be around. She’s got a fantastic smile! Plus, she and her mom kept making me giggle.

And you know how I feel about giggles. 😀 It was more humid today in Maclay Gardens than we expected, but I still got some fantastic shots of this valedictorian. Yep, her smarts are exceptional. I’d talk more about the awesomeness of her brain but I don’t want this to turn into a zombie-focused post. On to the photos!