Life works in crazy ways. I’ve known Ben for ages through my best friend (and his big brother) Will. And I feel like I’ve heard truly wonderful things about this mystery lady Donna for ages too. She wasn’t really a mystery, I just hadn’t met her yet. They’re going to have a lovely wedding in Savannah soon and I couldn’t wait to spend some time with these love birds. We headed down to Maclay Gardens for some late afternoon sun and were oh-so-thankful that the breeze and shade from the trees made it feel 15+ degrees cooler than the rest of Tallahassee.







See the lovely quilt below? Ben’s grandmother handmade that quilt for his parents to celebrate their marriage. So very sweet that they wanted to incorporate this detail and family heirloom into their portraits!



Can’t wait to see you two in Savannah! Be on the lookout for a sneak peek of their wedding photos this summer!