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I don’t know how you spent your Saturday, but I highly doubt it was as fantastic as mine. It could be because I got to snuggle sweet little Penelope Jane (or Penny for short) for a few hours. I have baby snuggling listed under perks when it comes to newborn photography.

Her proud parents are Josh + Kati and I bet you remember them from their maternity session a few weeks back! Her mommy and I giggled over her because she’d been asleep the whole day until 2 minutes before I got there. And then there was the squirming. I swear she’s already trying to crawl when she’s awake! Slow down there, Penny! Give you parents time to plug the outlets! 😉

Such a lovely new family!

Be on the look out for more photos of Miss Penny in 3 months! And I have a baby plan in the works. If you’d like more info on it, let me know! 😀

What better way to enjoy your vacation than taking photos? My sisters were great sports and love Driftwood Beach! Next time, I’ll be sure to get there earlier and explore it further. The tide was coming in faster than we expected, but I hear tale of entire trees preserved on the beach. We started off with Alea since she’s a senior this year and mom needs as many photos of her last baby as she can get before she leaves for college. 😉

The photo below gives you some scope of just how big this driftwood is. Isn’t it lovely? And, yes, I was in the water with all my photo gear for a number of these photos. Now, that, my friends, is love!

Jana jumped in too for a little beach photo action. She’s a senior at Georgia Southern University (notice how her outfit shows off her school’s colors?). This chica just finished taking her MCAT on Thursday and we were celebrating!

After the photos and dinner, I walked down onto the hotel dock. I listened to the tide roll in and crash on the rocks while crickets chirped behind me. I looked up into the blanket of stars and saw one quickly shoot across. What amazing thing happened to you this weekend?

Megan lives all the way over in Perry, Florida and is actually the girlfriend of one of my photo/design students at North Florida Community College in Madison. Did I mention I drive a lot? We met over in Tallahassee on Gaines Street for her senior portraits. We finished up in Railroad Square Art Park before the humidity had us running for the car’s A/C. Phew! 🙂

Can you tell Megan is a musician? Her sweetie had to carry around the instruments so I think he was happy she didn’t bring the accordion. 😉 Where is you favorite place  in Tally for portraits?

Mom: It looks like rain in Tallahassee on the radar. Should be reschedule?

Me: What? There’s no rain!

Me, an hour later: I’m still right. It’s not raining. There’s a flood. Der!

So our first scheduled session got rained out. This is what sometimes happens when you pick the perfect day and a great outdoor location for your shoot. But we were able to shoot around the family’s last minute beach vacation. And thanks for making sure everyone wore sunscreen and didn’t show up looking like a lobster, Sam’s mom!

Sam is another lass who will be graduating from Scholar’s Academy in Thomasville. Her mom requested an area with graffiti so we headed to one of my favorite spots in the Gaines Street district and then to Railroad Square. I think we got a great mix of awesome in here! My favorites are Sam on the rubble in the first set and the close-up in the last set. Which is your favorite?