Kind words make me blush. Monika wrote these about me.

“Ansley is not only an amazing photographer; she is also an exceptionally patient person. I can’t express how important patience is when the event being photographed is a wedding. There were so many things to stress over during the course of our last minute wedding, but the photos were not one of them. Ansely’s talent, serene disposition, and ability to have us all laughing is evident throughout our amazing wedding photos. We have gotten numerous compliments on the pictures and eagerly recommend her to for all photo necessary events.”

Monkia & Kris had a very sweet ceremony with loads of little touches. It was small and intimate but guests came from as far away as Germany. Everything was unique and I spent nearly every second of the day smiling because of all the fun and love.

Their wedding took place in Lichgate Park on High Road in Tallahassee, Florida. You really should check out the location – it’s absolutely lovely. Monika got ready in the quaint little cabin.

The couple opted for a First Look. If I haven’t mentioned it, First Looks are the way to go! It’s no longer considered’s bad luck to see each other before the ceremony. And there’s some pretty big advantages to a First Look session. Such as being able to take all the formal portraits before the ceremony – which means getting to the party (or reception) in a timely manner and enjoying your guests longer.

First Look sessions are always full of emotion and love. Plus, you get to say all those things you can’t say when you’re at the end of the aisle and in front of your family. I won’t say what these two said, but it was very sweet. I may have teared up.

There were slews of unique touches! Monika’s sister even made her wedding dress! When you see Kris notice the photo in his chest pocket. It’s a photograph of him with his father & grandparents. They had passed away and it was his way of ensuring they were a presence in his wedding.

Speaking of dad’s, Monika’s insisted on coming down with a shotgun. And I’m so glad he did! Look at the smiles on those faces!

The bride and groom each wrote their own vows. Kris was very proud he had memorized his – Monika brought a back up just in case.

The groom’s mother escorted him down the aisle.

While the father of the bride walked her down the aisle.

The ceremony took place under the branches of Lichgate Park’s massive oak tree.

Yep, it was a barefoot wedding! Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day, Monika & Kris! Hope you’re enjoying Denver (and make sure you run into me next time you’re in town).

PS – before we head out, do you have a photo that just makes you giggle every time you see it? I’m finishing up with mine. 🙂

Did you giggle? Maybe snicker a bit? Awesome.