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Last week I was lucky enough to deliver 2 very different wedding books. These are, by far, my favorite product offered by Ansley Studio.

The coffee-table books I offer are unmatched in print quality and craftsmanship. The book covers are made with masonite to make the books smooth, sturdy, and offer lasting protection.

The 110# weight hinged paper lays flat and comes with a UV coating to protect the images for a lifetime. The books are completely acid-free & archival.

They are rated to last 100 years when keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and 200 years when keep in a cool dark space such as a box or desk.

They are also custom-designed by an artist to tell the story of the entire wedding day.

This is a family heirloom, one that will last for generations. Ask about the Artist-Designed Coffee Table Books at your next ordering session. They’re perfect for weddings, baby’s first year, sweet 16 parties, wedding guest books, and senior portraits.