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Big bada boom! I spent the 4th of July in Minneapolis. We went down to the river area (near the old Pillsbury factory/plant) to watch the fireworks and eat fried cheese curds. Can we please import fried cheese curds from the Midwest? I don’t know how the South hasn’t started frying these little white gold nuggets (we fry everything else though!).

I used this as a chance to break out my camera and play with some long exposures using a Neutral Density filter. Props to my Joby GorillaPod tripod! Thanks to it I was able to secure my camera to a very sturdy and stable iron fence.

The fireworks this year were also a tribute to Prince and included segments from 15 of his songs. For a special bonus, it was also very windy and a cool 76.






Hope you enjoyed your celebration! Happy birthday, America!