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Big bada boom! I spent the 4th of July in Minneapolis. We went down to the river area (near the old Pillsbury factory/plant) to watch the fireworks and eat fried cheese curds. Can we please import fried cheese curds from the Midwest? I don’t know how the South hasn’t started frying these little white gold nuggets (we fry everything else though!).

I used this as a chance to break out my camera and play with some long exposures using a Neutral Density filter. Props to my Joby GorillaPod tripod! Thanks to it I was able to secure my camera to a very sturdy and stable iron fence.

The fireworks this year were also a tribute to Prince and included segments from 15 of his songs. For a special bonus, it was also very windy and a cool 76.






Hope you enjoyed your celebration! Happy birthday, America!

One of the first things my friend said when I was situated in Minneapolis was, “Prep your gear. We’re going to see my friend’s band tomorrow.”

Turns out it was the CD release party/show for Highchair Kings at Nomad World Pub. Opening for them was Mary Bue. She’s a singer/songwriter from Duluth who has made her was to Minneapolis. She has an EP available for pre-order and in other exciting news she’ll be spending 3 months in 2017 as the Artist in Residence for the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, New Mexico. Congrats to Mary! Listen to her latest work on SoundCloud.



Highchair Kings play in the key of ROCK (or much more specifically, they’re Alternative Noise Power Pop). Anyone who references Aimee Mann and American Music Club’s Mark Eitzel are winners in my book. For bonus points, the song #STUMPS was written in reference to an exchange singer/songwriter Trevor Lettman had with the previously mentioned musicians over Twitter.






I’ve been listening to them since the concert and I’m falling for their lyrics and arrangements. It feels both fresh and familiar at the same time. But don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself on SoundCloud.

Thanks to both bands for a great introduction to the Minneapolis music scene!

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