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I’ve had a little something in the works for a while now. I’m pleased to announce my newest addition: a portrait pricing guide! Have questions about pricing or looking for some awesome tips? Those babies are all in here. So check it out on my lifestyle portrait link or download it directly by clicking here. Can’t wait to see you on the other side of my camera!

Someone always has a friend of a friend of a friend story, right? Well, this is mine! I photographed Dorrie’s wedding where Holly and Ginger were bridesmaids…and then photographed their weddings too!

Holly left some super sweet words on my facebook fan page. Have I mentioned that Holly is one of my favorite librarians and quite the wordsmith?

“Ansley shot my engagement photos in February and my wedding photos in April. I can’t say enough about the stellar level of service she provides. Her pictures are absolutely beautiful. She is so creative and finds a way to inject the soul of her subjects into the photos. Her work is consistently awesome, too- she was the photographer at my best friend’s wedding which is how I knew about her- and I can tell you she did beautiful work there, and at my wedding, and at a recent wedding of another friend. She’s extremely professional in her work, but by the time you’ve walked down that aisle, you’ll consider her a friend.”

Want to see some of their engagement & wedding photos? We did their engagement photos in and near the Ray Charles Plaza.

Joe owns a local car shop and I thought it was too perfect that we found a tire ghost sign on the brick wall.

The Ray Charles Plaza has a giant piano space that’s great for sitting or a goof off spot.

Holly’s wedding dress was close fitting and vintage inspired. Her veil is still one of my favorites – absolutely lovely and suits her just so!

Holly’s father walked her through the garden and, as tradition states, gave her away to Joe.

Don’t you just adore the way Joe looks at Holly? They’re oh so very much in love and this is ALWAYS how he looks at her. Makes me mushy inside.

Their wedding cakes were both unique. The white on white cake included text from the ceremony as well as love quotes. The groom’s cake featured motorcross & a truck with exceptionally large wheels.

Not only does Joe spend his days working on cars, he also restored a vintage car just in time for the wedding. They drove off in it at the end of the night!

Thanks for inviting me to spend your wedding day with you, Holly & Joe! If you have any more friends getting married let them know about me – I’ll snap your photo again anytime!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my clients rock! Truly! Blair left me these super sweet words about her photography experience on my FB fan page: “Ansley took my engagement and wedding photos. You don’t understand our experience. I HATE pictures of myself. I never smile and I am just not comfortable… Ansley made it feel so easy and natural. I felt so relaxed, which is totally not me. We have AWESOME ENGAGEMENT PICTURES and memorable wedding photos that I will cherish forever. And it wasn’t one of two, it was all of them. I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted because they were all amazing. Thank you so much for making my big day even better!!!!”

Well hot diggity dog! I’m so happy that she’s so happy that I’m going to share some of their top engagement photos. Only partially because we had a blast. And I got kidnapped.

True story.

This is where the kidnapping came in. Jody & Blair whisked me off to his family’s land outside of town. This is one of the old homes they hope to fix up and grow their own family in. Super sweet!

Thanks, Blair & Jody, for taking me on that adventure! And, uh, returning me too. 😉

I absolutely love it when people leave happy reviews on my FB Fan Page. Wanna make my day? Pop over there and leave some kind words and a whole slew of stars. One of my brides, Catherine, left these words of praise: “Ansley is an incredibly talented photographer. She’s done my engagement and wedding photos, which have all come out beautifully. She’s very personable and easy to work with. She also has a knack for making everyone feel comfortable when being photographed.

Bob & Catherine and I met years back through a fellow photographer over a sushi dinner. It was my first time having sushi. Now I brave white tuna and eel with the best of ’em! But back to the love birds.

When we started talking about their engagement session we brainstormed on their favorite places. Anyone can take their clients to abandoned locations (wait, is that just me?), but their favorite place is Disney World. And, it’s a small world after all, cause I love that place too! Map? Who needs a map? Just drop me somewhere on Disney Property that isn’t a swamp and I’ll find my way to Splash Mountain.

For our first adventure, we spent 3 whole days at Disney. It was absolutely a blast! Let’s see if you can name all these locations!

Epcot has absolutely slews of unique locations for portraits.

Remember when Catherine said I have a knack for making people comfortable?
This is exactly what she was talking about! 🙂

Click here to explore the rest of their engagement session.

Bob & Catherine ended up moving to the Orlando area for work. Which means their annual passes came even more in handy! They decided to celebrate their marriage in Orlando’s trendy CityArts Factory.

Bob has custom chucks made for him and his groomsmen. Under their license just happened to be their unique ceremony.
Yes, that says “zombies”

Catherine’s dress was short and gold! Exceptionally fun!

Their celebration, vows, and hand-fasting ceremony took place on stage where they were surrounded by a semi-circle of friends and family members.

Downstairs they had a glass-blowing demonstration during the cocktail hour.
Never have I ever seen something so interesting and unique at a wedding!

And to top it all off, there were some epic rounds of RockBand!

Please note: groupies are not provided by Ansley and must be your own adoring fans.
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Bob & Catherine, thank you for leaving such wonderful words about me and letting me share your beautiful (and fun!) wedding.

Last year, Ashley & Tyler took me up on my holiday mini-session and cards offer. I’ve known Ashley for years but it was the first time I’d met Tyler. He’s a strong, quiet fellow and balances Ashley’s outgoing personality. Fast forward to now, and they’re ready to be together for ever and ever. For their engagement session, we met up at Ashley’s daddy’s farm right outside of Cairo. He’s a sweetheart of a man and let us run all over his farm. And I do mean run – it was chilly out there!

Ashley & Tyler are getting married on her daddy’s farm this October! Want to see the rest of their photos? Click here!