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Amberlyn is my littlest sister’s best friend. And she even volunteers with me at the Zebulon Theater in Cairo. I was thrilled when I found out she wanted me to take her senior portraits. And let me tell you, this chick and I had a blast and then some!

We met up at her family’s home outside of Thomasville and then ventured into Thomasville’s big oak and a nifty little garden. Check out the gorgeous smile on this lass! What’s even better? She’s got the brains to match! This is a Scholars Academy girl! Good luck with your Senior Year, Amberlyn!

Shamara and I are old friends by now. I can’t even count how many times we’ve chatted on the phone to get ready for this shoot!

She might be a bit shy, but this gal is a blast to be around. She’s got a fantastic smile! Plus, she and her mom kept making me giggle.

And you know how I feel about giggles. 😀 It was more humid today in Maclay Gardens than we expected, but I still got some fantastic shots of this valedictorian. Yep, her smarts are exceptional. I’d talk more about the awesomeness of her brain but I don’t want this to turn into a zombie-focused post. On to the photos!

Once upon a time I was a little girl. And I’d go over to Kristin’s house to swim and she’d come over to our house to play with the bunnies. Years go by and POOF! Kristin’s engaged!

Ok, there was only poofing in my mind. Truth be told, Kristin & Bryan started dating about 4 and a half years ago. They went on a blind date and giggled over the movie Enchanted.

Ok, so Bryan may not have giggled. But he certainly had me in stitches during their morning shoot!

Two little known facts I learning on the shoot: Bryan is not at all hesitant about huge horses (yeah, right) and the antique couch they brought used to sit in Kristin’s grandparents’ home. I loved that they incorporated something important to them into the session!

Now get ready for a whole bunch of sweetness, people! After seeing these photos you may not need as much sugar in your coffee. 😉

*le sigh!* I LOVE shooting people in LOVE! Can’t wait for your Nov 4th Wedding! Practically giddy over here!

Neha is a darling lass in Thomasville. She’ll be graduating from Thomas County Central High School this upcoming year. We met up downtown and explored slews of places and had a blast despite the heat & gnats.

She brought a few outfits to change into but, by far, her smile is the best! Ok ok, enough of me being a cheese ball. On to the photos!

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Pretty soon it’s going to be Josh + Kati = PJ. You may remember that a few years back I photographed these two love birds at the Leon County Courthouse for their elopement. And they know me so well that they brought me a HUGE Starbuck’s iced coffee with a splash of milk and 2 Splendas, just how I love it. Nom nom nom! But enough about my coffee habits, on to the photos!