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Somedays, the sunlight is just perfect. The day I met Amberlyn for a few senior portraits at a friend’s plantation was one of those days.  What makes it better? Having a lovely lass to joke around with in front of my camera. Have a great senior year, Amberlyn!

Do you know what I like? Adventures! It’s even more fun with you have a camera and a great subject. James called up asking for some headshots to boost his online presence. We had a fantastic time in Tallahassee at Black Dog Cafe, Lake Ella, and around Railroad Square. Doesn’t he have a wonderful smile?

Remember Brittany & Jason? I photographed their lovely family just 6 days before their wedding (and still managed to have beautiful prints for them to show off at their wedding!). They decided to get married on his family property. You’ll see the golf carts a few times and I’ve never been so thankful for them in my life! We all had a ton of fun at this wedding in the woods. Congrats to Brittany + Jason!

Jana has had a ton of good news lately. She’s an exceptionally determined young lass and has been awarded a handful of scholarships to help with her college costs. One of them asked for a few portraits for their PR materials. I was happy to take her photos! What a smile!

Congrats on your recent success, Jana! Oh the places you’ll go!

Alea is a junior at Scholar’s in Thomasville and wanted fantastic prom photos to go with her fantastic dress. “Pretty much, I don’t want my prom photos to look like yours.” Gee thanks, kid. 😛

Wheeler was happy to come along for the big night out. I found a lovely & grand local plantation for the shoot. It was a ton of fun all around and I can’t wait ’til next years prom!

Don’t worry, they didn’t take the bike to prom – but we did borrow it for a few shots!