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Kristin and I know each other from way back in the day (our mommies were best friends!). She’s a number of years younger than me and, as my sister put it, “She’s been dating Bryan forever! Since I was 15!” It’s rare to see two people who match up as well as they do and it’s beautiful to see!

Bryan’s family, including his adorable grandparents, came all the way to Georgia from Missouri. The newly weds are out there visiting them now (hello, Missouri people!).  We couldn’t have asked for better weather on their wedding day. Look below to see a slew of happy faces!

Alea is a junior at Scholar’s in Thomasville and wanted fantastic prom photos to go with her fantastic dress. “Pretty much, I don’t want my prom photos to look like yours.” Gee thanks, kid. 😛

Wheeler was happy to come along for the big night out. I found a lovely & grand local plantation for the shoot. It was a ton of fun all around and I can’t wait ’til next years prom!

Don’t worry, they didn’t take the bike to prom – but we did borrow it for a few shots!

The (now) Harrell Family and I met back on April 1 for their engagement session. We turned it into a family session for them so we could include the sweet children. We met up at the Big Oak in Thomasville before moving downtown and then to their family farm outside of Cairo. It’s the same farm their wedding was at nearly 6 days later!

Aren’t they the cutest? Click here to learn more about our portrait sessions!