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Boy howdy, folks, have I been busy lately! Between the end of the semester, defending my prospectus, and then traveling up North? Phew, I’m exhausted!

Before I left for Rhode Island, a conference at Yale, and then a quick visit to NYC, I photographed TJ & Ashley’s beautiful wedding.

tj and ashley

And right when I got back, there was Jessica & Jeff’s stunning and sweet beach wedding.

jeff & jessica

Keep your eyes peeled for both of those weddings coming up over the next month.

Lately I’ve been doing some headshots. On the left we have Deb who wanted an updated headshot for her international job search. On the right we have Alea who needed a headshot for her SGA presidency at Bainbridge State College.


Next up is Nikki. Once upon this past fall, she was one of my photography students (and her son just finished my photo class this spring too). Things changed drastically this spring when her husband passed unexpectedly. It was especially difficult as she also worked to finish the semester. There were days and weeks when she had her doubts (though I never did), but she succeeded and graduated from Florida State University this May! I am tremendously proud of my friend’s accomplishments and her resilience! In one of these photos you’ll see  her holding a framed image of her and her husband – it was important to her to have him by her side for this event since he had supported her through her education and over half her life.



Last up for today we have Jana! She just turned 22 and had a Kate Spade themed birthday dinner (lucky gal!). We couldn’t resist taking a fun portrait and headshot of the lass to celebrate the event!

jana birthday


So forgive me for being tremendously busy, my dear friends. I hope these photos make up for it a little. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to hop back to the dissertation process and work on putting together my summer art appreciation courses. 😀


This week I delivered the absolutely lovely artist designed wedding book to Anna & Dane. Before I show off the fantastic book, here’s some of my favorite images from their wedding day.

I absolutely had to show you these photos first. Because these are two of the most fun folks I’ve ever met! Their families are precious too!

Anna decided to wear a fantastic pair of blue shoes! And Gin Creek provided the perfect backdrop for the day.

I always love the moments when the bride puts on her wedding dress!

Anna was stunning and so poised!

The bridesmaids wore fantastic (and fun!) short green dresses.

Anna is blessed with a large family.

Did I mention that this is a fun group?
A fantastically fun group who had me in stitches most of the day.
I’m pretty sure the guys created some photo ops on their own. 😉
Dane’s got a group of sweethearts. It’s true. And you can tell his momma I said so!
Some very proud men in here.
Anna’s sister and brother serenaded us before the ceremony.
Not so secretly, I adore the first look.
These two? Excited to get married? Completely.
This may be my favorite of the day. Yep. Makes me smile every single time.
Dane & Anna love it so much that they look at it every day. They ordered a 20 x 40 inch gallery wrapped canvas & it hangs proudly over their bed.
Their friends? Sure can cut a rug!
I’ve got my tickets to the gun show! Dane is a football coach and Anna teaches physical education.
Dane’s sweet mother and darling sister. Part of one wonderful family!
Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Holihan! And best wishes! Thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day!

Someone always has a friend of a friend of a friend story, right? Well, this is mine! I photographed Dorrie’s wedding where Holly and Ginger were bridesmaids…and then photographed their weddings too!

Holly left some super sweet words on my facebook fan page. Have I mentioned that Holly is one of my favorite librarians and quite the wordsmith?

“Ansley shot my engagement photos in February and my wedding photos in April. I can’t say enough about the stellar level of service she provides. Her pictures are absolutely beautiful. She is so creative and finds a way to inject the soul of her subjects into the photos. Her work is consistently awesome, too- she was the photographer at my best friend’s wedding which is how I knew about her- and I can tell you she did beautiful work there, and at my wedding, and at a recent wedding of another friend. She’s extremely professional in her work, but by the time you’ve walked down that aisle, you’ll consider her a friend.”

Want to see some of their engagement & wedding photos? We did their engagement photos in and near the Ray Charles Plaza.

Joe owns a local car shop and I thought it was too perfect that we found a tire ghost sign on the brick wall.

The Ray Charles Plaza has a giant piano space that’s great for sitting or a goof off spot.

Holly’s wedding dress was close fitting and vintage inspired. Her veil is still one of my favorites – absolutely lovely and suits her just so!

Holly’s father walked her through the garden and, as tradition states, gave her away to Joe.

Don’t you just adore the way Joe looks at Holly? They’re oh so very much in love and this is ALWAYS how he looks at her. Makes me mushy inside.

Their wedding cakes were both unique. The white on white cake included text from the ceremony as well as love quotes. The groom’s cake featured motorcross & a truck with exceptionally large wheels.

Not only does Joe spend his days working on cars, he also restored a vintage car just in time for the wedding. They drove off in it at the end of the night!

Thanks for inviting me to spend your wedding day with you, Holly & Joe! If you have any more friends getting married let them know about me – I’ll snap your photo again anytime!