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Everyone say hi to  Julie! She’s a full-time studio artist who combines fine art & function into a funky mix. It’s completely possible that I use pieces she’s made every day.

We met during our Master of Fine Arts program at FSU way back in 2005. Before moving to Florida she grew up among the cornfields in rural Illinois. Sometimes, she’s a corny gal (bwah! humor!).

Last week we met up for some portraits, and then for extra fun we did a process series. In this case, Julie shows us her process for making a tumbler. A tumbler which will soon be mine. The entire process is just magical.  Julie’s studio is absolutely filled with inspiration! The image on the right is a silkscreen she uses in her transfer work.

This was where the magic started for me. I love image transfers (I could show you examples of my work, but I won’t Bogart Julie’s post). Back to the art making.

See! Magic! Julie, of course, had no doubts. I was on the edge of my seat.

Almost finished! Julie makes this look easy but it’s only because she’s talented & experienced. Surgeon hands. Covered in clay.

The image on the left is a sketch for a piece she’s making for an upcoming exhibition. Remember how I said Julie’s an artist? I meant it! If you see her name in the news be sure you check out that exhibition.

These nesting bowls come in a set of three. I’d love to see them dotted around my house. The smallest is perfect to keep by your bedside and your engagement & wedding band safe at night. Julie takes commissions and can add your names or wedding date. Something to keep in mind if you are trying to think of a unique wedding present too.

Just adore these cups! Want to see Julie’s work in person? Head over to Textures Handmade Market in Tallahassee’s Midtown District. And while you’re looking around the internet, go ahead and sign up for Julie’s Email Newsletter. I hear she’s got some truly awesome stuff coming up at the end of the month. Trust me, if you enjoy her work then you’ll want to stay in the know!

Thanks for having me over, Julie! Tea party with your new ware soon?

Last week I was lucky enough to deliver 2 very different wedding books. These are, by far, my favorite product offered by Ansley Studio.

The coffee-table books I offer are unmatched in print quality and craftsmanship. The book covers are made with masonite to make the books smooth, sturdy, and offer lasting protection.

The 110# weight hinged paper lays flat and comes with a UV coating to protect the images for a lifetime. The books are completely acid-free & archival.

They are rated to last 100 years when keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and 200 years when keep in a cool dark space such as a box or desk.

They are also custom-designed by an artist to tell the story of the entire wedding day.

This is a family heirloom, one that will last for generations. Ask about the Artist-Designed Coffee Table Books at your next ordering session. They’re perfect for weddings, baby’s first year, sweet 16 parties, wedding guest books, and senior portraits.