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Life works in crazy ways. I’ve known Ben for ages through my best friend (and his big brother) Will. And I feel like I’ve heard truly wonderful things about this mystery lady Donna for ages too. She wasn’t really a mystery, I just hadn’t met her yet. They’re going to have a lovely wedding in Savannah soon and I couldn’t wait to spend some time with these love birds. We headed down to Maclay Gardens for some late afternoon sun and were oh-so-thankful that the breeze and shade from the trees made it feel 15+ degrees cooler than the rest of Tallahassee.







See the lovely quilt below? Ben’s grandmother handmade that quilt for his parents to celebrate their marriage. So very sweet that they wanted to incorporate this detail and family heirloom into their portraits!



Can’t wait to see you two in Savannah! Be on the lookout for a sneak peek of their wedding photos this summer!


Miss Penny is a year old! Remember this sweet little baby from a year ago? My, how the time has flown! She’s clutching her Figment plush in the photos. He’s the world’s greatest purple dragon and resides in Epcot at Walt Disney World. He’s also one of my favorite Disney characters. But don’t tell the mouse!


Look at this happy face! And those little teeth!



Happy birthday, Penny! Congrats on Year One as parents, Mom and Dad!

Shamara and I are old friends by now. I can’t even count how many times we’ve chatted on the phone to get ready for this shoot!

She might be a bit shy, but this gal is a blast to be around. She’s got a fantastic smile! Plus, she and her mom kept making me giggle.

And you know how I feel about giggles. 😀 It was more humid today in Maclay Gardens than we expected, but I still got some fantastic shots of this valedictorian. Yep, her smarts are exceptional. I’d talk more about the awesomeness of her brain but I don’t want this to turn into a zombie-focused post. On to the photos!

Bonnie & Will decided to have an absolutely lovely sunset wedding by the reflecting pool and garden in Maclay Gardens. Late February delivered bright sunshiny weather and beautiful blossoms all over the gardens. It was a small intimate ceremony followed by a reception in the Cottage.

Bonnie & Will: Wedding

Bonnie bought many of her wedding accessories from

Bonnie & Will: Wedding

That’s one happy momma!

Bonnie & Will: Wedding

Her Victorian era dress fit her style perfectly (and may be one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen!).

Bonnie & Will: Wedding

Maclay Gardens has slews of wonderful trees – this one is my favorite though.

Bonnie & Will: Wedding

Both Bonnie & Will had a Best Man.

Bonnie & Will: Wedding

Bonnie & Will: Wedding

Bonnie & Will: Wedding

Bonnie & Will: Wedding

Weddings are always extra fun when you’ve got fun fellows!

Bonnie & Will: Wedding

Bonnie’s family came back to Tally from the west coast to be with her for the wedding celebration.

Bonnie & Will: Wedding

It always helps when there’s a band of Merry Mobsters! (Pun completely intended).

Bonnie & Will: Wedding

Congrats to Bonnie & Will! May you love each other more with each passing day!

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