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Mom: It looks like rain in Tallahassee on the radar. Should be reschedule?

Me: What? There’s no rain!

Me, an hour later: I’m still right. It’s not raining. There’s a flood. Der!

So our first scheduled session got rained out. This is what sometimes happens when you pick the perfect day and a great outdoor location for your shoot. But we were able to shoot around the family’s last minute beach vacation. And thanks for making sure everyone wore sunscreen and didn’t show up looking like a lobster, Sam’s mom!

Sam is another lass who will be graduating from Scholar’s Academy in Thomasville. Her mom requested an area with graffiti so we headed to one of my favorite spots in the Gaines Street district and then to Railroad Square. I think we got a great mix of awesome in here! My favorites are Sam on the rubble in the first set and the close-up in the last set. Which is your favorite?