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Boy howdy, folks, have I been busy lately! Between the end of the semester, defending my prospectus, and then traveling up North? Phew, I’m exhausted!

Before I left for Rhode Island, a conference at Yale, and then a quick visit to NYC, I photographed TJ & Ashley’s beautiful wedding.

tj and ashley

And right when I got back, there was Jessica & Jeff’s stunning and sweet beach wedding.

jeff & jessica

Keep your eyes peeled for both of those weddings coming up over the next month.

Lately I’ve been doing some headshots. On the left we have Deb who wanted an updated headshot for her international job search. On the right we have Alea who needed a headshot for her SGA presidency at Bainbridge State College.


Next up is Nikki. Once upon this past fall, she was one of my photography students (and her son just finished my photo class this spring too). Things changed drastically this spring when her husband passed unexpectedly. It was especially difficult as she also worked to finish the semester. There were days and weeks when she had her doubts (though I never did), but she succeeded and graduated from Florida State University this May! I am tremendously proud of my friend’s accomplishments and her resilience! In one of these photos you’ll see  her holding a framed image of her and her husband – it was important to her to have him by her side for this event since he had supported her through her education and over half her life.



Last up for today we have Jana! She just turned 22 and had a Kate Spade themed birthday dinner (lucky gal!). We couldn’t resist taking a fun portrait and headshot of the lass to celebrate the event!

jana birthday


So forgive me for being tremendously busy, my dear friends. I hope these photos make up for it a little. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to hop back to the dissertation process and work on putting together my summer art appreciation courses. 😀


Trick or treat? How about I give you some of each? First are your sweet treats from one of the many pumpkin patches that pop up this season.

And in case you want to know what I look like these days… 🙂

Now for the trick! Our local theater played the Nightmare Before Christmas last night! My friends brought their kids up from Tallahassee (along with their very own Jack Skellington, a witch, and a Harlequin). I took a quick few shots of them outside of the beautiful historic theater after the show. Too cute – but very tricky!

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Halloween! 😀

Do you know what I like? Adventures! It’s even more fun with you have a camera and a great subject. James called up asking for some headshots to boost his online presence. We had a fantastic time in Tallahassee at Black Dog Cafe, Lake Ella, and around Railroad Square. Doesn’t he have a wonderful smile?

Did you know I’m the resident photographer for Tallahassee’s Natural Awakenings magazine? Completely true!

In February, the editor called me up to schedule a photo shoot with Nathan, the Man in Overalls. He’s a fantastic guy who is very involved in the community and an educator too! My favorite image of him proudly holding a shovel and bouquet of freshly gathered greens & carrots made the cover and a few of the others made it to the inside article.

When I arrived at Nathan’s I was struck by how many different plants he had growing in the raised beds he built! The most beautiful were the cabbage and carrots.

It wasn’t difficult to capture Nathan’s smile – he’s got to be one of the happiest people I’ve ever met!

Below are the iGrows he built and is promoting for a great cause. From their websiteiGrow-Whatever You Like is a Frenchtown-based youth empowerment and urban agriculture project, named and largely run by the youth themselves. The iGrow Youth are responsible for the community garden at Second Harvest Food Bank and for manufacturing iGrow Garden Buckets. They aspire to launch a youth-run urban farm in the Frenchtown Community. iGrow is an initiative of the Tallahassee Food Network.

Store bought tomatoes are too acidic for me so my doctor suggested I start growing my own. I did not, by any means, inherit my mother’s green thumbs. I swear, she just looks at a plant sweetly and it starts to thrive. The only time I actually got anything to grow was when I was doing botany research on roses, flowering kale, and soybeans (and, even then, a slew of them died).

My sweetest of sweethearts went and bought me 2 iGrows with heirloom tomato plants! Right after I finish writing this I’m going to go pick them up (and keep them inside because of the still cool temperatures). These babies are going to do great on my front porch and away from Pumpkin, the family dog who is known to eat everything living.

To learn more about the Tallahassee Food Network and get info on farmers markets, educational events, and how to get involved with your local food community, please visit And make sure you pick up a copy of Natural Awakenings the next time you’re in Publix or New Leaf. There’s always fantastic articles and it’s free too! Now, get to planting!