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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my clients rock! Truly! Blair left me these super sweet words about her photography experience on my FB fan page: “Ansley took my engagement and wedding photos. You don’t understand our experience. I HATE pictures of myself. I never smile and I am just not comfortable… Ansley made it feel so easy and natural. I felt so relaxed, which is totally not me. We have AWESOME ENGAGEMENT PICTURES and memorable wedding photos that I will cherish forever. And it wasn’t one of two, it was all of them. I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted because they were all amazing. Thank you so much for making my big day even better!!!!”

Well hot diggity dog! I’m so happy that she’s so happy that I’m going to share some of their top engagement photos. Only partially because we had a blast. And I got kidnapped.

True story.

This is where the kidnapping came in. Jody & Blair whisked me off to his family’s land outside of town. This is one of the old homes they hope to fix up and grow their own family in. Super sweet!

Thanks, Blair & Jody, for taking me on that adventure! And, uh, returning me too. 😉